Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Scrappy Easter

Well I am a little behind on everything going on with our family!!!  So today I will catch up on a few pictures I want to share. 

First, although my daughter Lacey's birthday was the first week of April, we combined Easter Dinner with her birthday cake. It turned out pretty cool looking. I had seen many of my friends making those beautiful rainbow cakes. But since Lacey's favorite color is aqua blue I decided to try to do her cake in shades of aqua.

I think it turned out great!! It was so pretty!!! And it tasted very yummy. All in all a great success!!!!

So I also wanted to share how I have included my precious little granddaughter Blake, in my scrap booking obsession!!! I have made a little basket that is full of fun things for her to play with. On this day she also wanted to do a little stamping with some of my new Tim Holtz distressing inks.

For a 2 1/2 year old I think she did an amazing job......with a little help from Auntie Lacey!!!

These are the beautiful flowers that my oldest daughter brought me when she came over for Lacey's birthday. When they went to buy a present for Lacey, Blake insisted on getting something for her Umma also!!! She is definitely Grandma's little girl!!!


  1. Pretty cake! Blake is so adorable, and definitely inherited Umma's crafty genes! Your flowers are gorgeous. I love those!

  2. I really love that cake! Looks like you have a little crafter on your hands :)

  3. She goes straight to the scrap room when she comes over!!! Just noticed a huge blank area......must fix that!!! One day I will get this all figured out LOL!!!!!

  4. Thanks again for the cake mom :) It was delicious and pretty :) And scrap booking with Blake is always fun!