Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'M BACK!!!!!!

Yes, I am finally back and I hope that I can now get back to blogging more often. Life has been pretty hectic since I know it is for most of us. I spent a few months trying to spend as much time as possible helping out and my daughter Kelsie who is pregnant with her second daughter, and spending time with my sweet little grand daughter Blake who just turned 3.  Paul....Kelsies husband had to be away for 2 months for work, so my daughters and I wanted to fill in as much as possible. We had an amazing time with Miss Blake. We went to the Zoo, the Space and Science Center, the Beach, Shopping, made cabbage rolls, did crafts and scrap booking.......anything fun we could think of.  Then Miss Blake started preschool in September and we made sure she got there and was picked up on time everyday!!  Well almost everyday!!! Mommy was able to take some days off work to join in the fun sometimes also.  It was an amazing few months that I will cherish forever. And boy did I miss that little girl when I went home!!!!  I admit, I was one tired Grandma......but I love that little piece of heaven more than I even knew after spending so much time with her. 

"Umma loves you Blake"

Here are a few pictures to share of our fun summer adventures!!!

 Lacey Megan & Blake at the Space & Science Center

Although Blake thought the cabbage was pretty darn stinky while it was cooking......the end result was yummy!!!!   She LOVES Umma's Cabbage Rolls!!!

Our day at the Zoo was a real scorcher.......some cold ice cream was the perfect solution!!!!
Blake and I decided on Snowcones......yum!!!!!!

How lucky we are to have an amazing Beach/Park just blocks from Blakes home!!!! It is amazing!!! Nice clean water and sand to play in....we had a fabulous day there!!!

We tried to fit in a little scrap booking and crafting whenever possible!!!
Blake is a true artist!!!!!!

And this is how we ended many of our days.......crashed out tired on the couch!!!!

It was a fun filled 2 months that I LOVED!!!!!!!

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