Monday, April 30, 2012

My Awesomely Amethyst Monday!!!

I am very excited that it is Monday!! Strange I know......who likes Mondays???
Well today me.....because over the weekend I completed all of my Amethyst Sketches for Scrapbook Steals. Something that is very hard to do......and very rewarding!!

So here for you all to see.....Awesomely Amethyst!!!
I hope you enjoy!!!!

  Amethyst 1 Miss Zoey!

  Amethyst 2 SPLASH!

  Amethyst 3 Miss Blake

  Amethyst 4 Sweet Little Mommy
  Amethyst 5 1st Smile

 Amethyst 6Fabulous Diva

Amethyst 7 The Kelly Family

 Amethyst 8 Chillin' in Autumn

 Amethyst 9 YUM Cupcakes

Amethyst 10 Zoey-Little Sprout!

Thanks for visiting ~ Cathryn

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Paper Girls Challenge

I am so happy that I finally got around to doing a Paper Girls Challenge!!!
I have wanted to do one of their challenges forever, and finally found the time.

They are an incredibly talented and caring bunch of girls that I met on the computer through Scrapbook Steals, and since getting to know them, they have become a very important part of not only my scrap booking life, but my life in general!!! Crafty Scrappy Sisters are simply the best!!!

          This is what I had to use as inspiration....

I also gave myself a challenge when making this layout. Usually it takes me forever to pick a photo I want to use and the paper I want to use. So this time, I randomly picked 2 photos, and 2 collections. I had to use whatever I picked, regardless if I thought it would work or not. So the photo didn't really go with the theme of this collection, (it's a farm theme), but I made it work.
It didn't really turn out how I thought it would at all......but I like it, and it sure made me adapt and get creative!!!

The funny story about this adorable photo is, after a trip to Grande Prairie Kelsie and Paul decided to stop for ice cream on the way home and let little Miss Blake stretch her legs. Right after Kelsie took this photo, Miss Blake decided to flash an elderly couple who were minding their own business, and enjoying their ice cream! So, OUR LITTLE HAM fit perfectly.....and it went well with the farm theme collection.

Supplies:Paper Collection-Kaiser Craft Cock-a-doodle-doo!!, Ink-Colorbox, Twine-The Twinery, Cardstock-Bazzil, Gel pen ?