Monday, April 30, 2012

My Awesomely Amethyst Monday!!!

I am very excited that it is Monday!! Strange I know......who likes Mondays???
Well today me.....because over the weekend I completed all of my Amethyst Sketches for Scrapbook Steals. Something that is very hard to do......and very rewarding!!

So here for you all to see.....Awesomely Amethyst!!!
I hope you enjoy!!!!

  Amethyst 1 Miss Zoey!

  Amethyst 2 SPLASH!

  Amethyst 3 Miss Blake

  Amethyst 4 Sweet Little Mommy
  Amethyst 5 1st Smile

 Amethyst 6Fabulous Diva

Amethyst 7 The Kelly Family

 Amethyst 8 Chillin' in Autumn

 Amethyst 9 YUM Cupcakes

Amethyst 10 Zoey-Little Sprout!

Thanks for visiting ~ Cathryn

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