Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Dear Pets!!!!

As A family we have been going through the loss of another dearly loved pet. Boy, this has been a very tough year for us.  We first lost one of our cats, who became very ill very quickly, and before I could get him into the vet the next day, he passed away!!!!  In my arms :(  It crushed me.  Toby was only about 6 years old, and he was a great cat. Then a few months later we lost our beloved Golden Retriever Scout. The most amazing dog I have ever had. The past few years I had been dreading this day, but knew it was coming.  She was a part of out family for 14 years. The boys didn't really know life without her. As a puppy she never chewed anything, and trained like a champ. And I think she maybe barked about 8 times her whole life. She was just such a good dog. Then last week we sadly had to put down our other cat Kieran. Kieran was Toby's brother, so also very young. He was a very special cat especially to me. Both boys were born in our home. It was a small litter of 3, and one was not born alive. So there was just Toby and Kieran. When  they were about 2 weeks old, Kieran got very sick with a chest infection. We took him to emergency care, and was told to save him he would need to be kept in an incubator, on IV for about a week. Then he might survive.  The worst part was the cost. Minimum 1,500.00.  A cost we just couldn't afford to spend, knowing he might not even survive. So we brought him home armed with liquid antibiotics, formula, and an eye dropper.  That kitten lived inside my bra......yes I know crazy, but I was so afraid he would stop breathing and I wouldn't know.......for the next 4 weeks!!!!  I fed him every 3-4 hours drop by drop.  And he spent every minute with me doing all the household chores, sitting in a little towel beside the shower when I showered.....everything!!!  And against all odds he lived, and grew!!!!  He was never really like a cat.  He had no cat instincts.  He loved to be vacumed, he loved to jump in the shower with me, he greeted me every time he saw me with a high five......he was just simply my boy!!!!!!  So when he got sick my heart sunk.  I am in tears writing about him.....I miss him so much :(    We rushed him to emergency care again only to learn he had the same fatal kidney problem that his brother died from.  So we had to put him down. 


So it has been a horrible year.  I know some people say they are just pets, or just a cat.  But they loved me every single day no matter what.  I LOVE animals and always have.  I can't imagine life without them.  They have taught my kids so much throughout their lives.  I am not just an animal owner.....I am a lover of pets.  They mean the world to me.  So this is my farewell to 3 amazing pieces of my family.  I miss you all.  R.I.P dear Toby, Scout and Kieran 

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