Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Fun!!!!

I have been very busy this weekend scrap booking with friends, and trying out some fun Birthday ideas with some charming and delightful Pebbles products.  My Grand daughters birthday is coming up this summer and I love making things to add to the birthday fun. When I spotted this Pebbles collection 'Happy Go Lucky' I immediately loved the colors and the whimsical little birdies and flowers. I have decorated little bird houses in the past and knew this collection would make the perfect little birdhouse treat holders. I filled them with colorful jellybeans.  Then a few weeks ago I spotted this wooden bird and a million ideas ran through my mind. I ended up painting and then covering it with a bunch of octagons. I then added the wing with a small clothespin so that I could attach helium balloons. I didn't have any for the photos, but it turned out really sweet. 

I painted a wooden basket that I found in a discount pile, added a cute border, and some Pebbles flowers that worked out perfectly for holding cutlery wrapped in napkins. 
There are many more things that I want to create for the actual birthday party, but this gives me an idea of what looks great.

I think the kids will love these little bird houses filled with jellybeans!!!

 These cups were the perfect color to use for holding snacks and for drinks!

 This cupcake didn't turn out exactly right. I want them to look like mini birds nests. 
They will turn out better for the actual birthday!!!!
I adore how this sweet birdie turned out!! It was a lot of work but so worth the outcome.

I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in my creations.  When the birthday rolls around I will post everything else I make for the party. This is just a sneak peek!!!!!!

Oh my gosh!!! I recently bought this brilliant scrap booking tote from Neatnix. It is one of the best and useful things that I have purchased for scrapbooking. And I can't believe how much it holds!! If you are looking for something to hold everything from adhesive to scissore and everything in between you can't go wrong with this choice!!!

And apparently Mr. O'Malley agrees!!!  I was cleaning it out today and when I went to grab something I came back to him all curled up and comfy. He looked so darn cute!!!!  He wasn't impressed when I removed him!!!
Isn't he the sweetest????

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