Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wild Whispers Inc and CATS CATS CATS

I'm not sure what is going on with me of late but every week there seems to be another disaster in my life LOL!!!   Things were finally settling down after my move, when I had a serious encounter with a cat in my new neighbourhood!!!  My cats and I were minding our own business when this grey kitty decided to jump onto my screen patio door!!!  He shocked the pants off me and my cats!!!  There he was hanging and caught on my screen.  I slowly opened the door, trying to be reassuring and kind, and gave him a little scratch behind the ear. He rubbed against my hand all calm, so I held him and unlocked his claws.  Seconds later my smart ass kitty Atlas decided to hiss at him, sending him into a psycho attack tiger!!!!  Before I knew it he was clamped to my right hand.......teeth sunk into my thumb and claws wrapped around my arm digging in with all of his strength!!  It happened so fast I was in total shock.  I shook to release him, and he thankfully took off running.  He was no worse for wear, but I was left with horrible injuries.  Looking on google I learned that cat bites can be incredibly dangerous.  So off to the hospital I went.  After IV antibiotics, and some pain meds I thought I was in the clear.  No Such luck. A few days later it got worse and after seeing my doctor I was sent back to the ER.  A week later, and days and days of IV antibiotics and meds for swelling I can finally feel my hand again LOL!!!!

Yup that's my ugly paw 2 days ago.  Look out for killer attack cats......they can do some nasty damage!!!!

Somewhere in the past week I totally lost a day and thought today was the last day of September!!  Wow all these days back and forth to the ER have caused havoc!!!!

Anyways what I wanted to share with you all today is a layout I created using products from an amazing Canadian company that I discovered while at the Canadian Scrapbook Carnival. Who could not fall in love with these gorgeous products!!!!  And best of all they really cater to the Canadian within.  Lots of whimsical outdoor woodsy themed products.  So I picked up a few Collections and products to create with.

OMG I can't get enough of these beauties!!!!!!  The wood veneer and the stamp set are just to die for!!!  And the quality of their products are top notch.  I can't say enough about how wonderful they are.  So go check them will NOT be disappointed!!!!

This is the first layout that I have created with Wild Whisper products.

This picture collage of my granddaughters on a scavenger hunt were perfect for this collection.
I did a lot of fussy cutting, including the word ADVENTURE!!!

I can't wait to share more creations using Wild Whisper Designs
Thanks for dropping by!!!

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  1. So sorry about your hand.... I know that feeling! I had taken my cat to the vet and decided to 'help' the vet out by holding my cat's front half while he administered a shot to the back half. Not a good idea on my part! It ended up getting infected and I had to be on a round of antibiotics, and had a similarly swollen and bandaged hand. If I remember right, it was a short time before Christmas and I was trying to make some gifts. Really put a halt to my plans!